>Day 047 – 02162011


I have just finished reading an article in Outdoor Photographer magazine about Montana, known as the Big Sky State, and it inspired me to process one of my photos in HDR and then convert it to black & white. The photo above showing the coastal hills and storm clouds is what I came up with.

I created the HDR file using a single color raw file. Using Adobe Camera Raw, I created seven separate images, each of which had an exposure change of 1/2-stop and subsequently each saved as a TIFF.

All seven TIFF copies were combined in Photomatix Pro to create the HDR color file, which I saved as a 16-bit TIFF.

Finally, I opened this file in NIK Silver Efex Pro to convert it to a black & white image using the High Structure preset and adding a yellow filter to darken the blue sky (the red filter proved to be too dark).

Technical data: f/6.3 at 1/500th sec, ISO 100.


Day 025 – 01252011

The setting sun coming in through an open window creates this interesting pattern in the wires of a dish drying rack. I found this pattern to be intriguing enough to photograph.

The original raw file was converted to grayscale in Adobe Camera Raw, and subsequently refined (with a Curves adjustment, noise reduction and sharpening) in Adobe Photoshop CS5. The high ISO used gives the photo its characteristic grainy effect.

Technical data: aperture f/4.0, exposure 1/125th sec, ISO 1000.

Day 023 – 01232011

A succulent plant (Agave obscura) showing the impressions the branches and spines leave on their counterpart in front as they mature. I found this pattern to be quite interesting.

The original color raw file was converted to black and white using Silver Effex Pro from Nik Software. Further cropping and retouching took place in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Technical data: aperture f/7.1, exposure 1/500th sec, ISO 100.

Day 365 – Serenity

This is it! The last photo and the last blog entry for this particular photo blog and Photo-A-Day project.

I have learned a thing or two since I started this project 365 days ago and I have met a few fellow photo aficionados with which I shared a couple of photo tips.

More than anything, having made the commitment to take, work on, and post a photo each day got me off my butt, away from my desk and out of the house on those days when the weather was not too extreme. The rest of the time I just had to work with what I found around the house that I thought was interesting enough to photograph.

I am really looking forward to a new year and to another 365 days of photo-taking and creativity!

Congratulations to everyone else who started on this project at the same time I did.

Technical data: aperture f/5.6, exposure 1/500th sec, ISO 400.