>Day 049 – 02182011


It has been raining quite hard around these parts of Northern California and the temperatures have dipped into the high 20s. Some areas have seen some snow falling, mostly on the hills and other high peaks.

Here we have a dandelion seed head partially void of its seeds. It’s amazing the amount of detail that can be captured with a prime macro lens, which has become my favorite lens.

Technical data: f/11.0 at 1/60th sec, ISO 400.


>Day 034 – 02032011


Up until today I have only seen closeup photos of ice crystal taken by someone else.

This morning the temperatures dropped to 32 degrees F and we had some areas of light frost. I wanted to capture some of it with my macro lens before the sun came up and melt it away. This is one of the shots I got of a grass blade, where the ice actually shows the crystal formations in sharp detail.

I set my camera to manual setting and I braced my arms against my knees as I crouched down to prevent motion blur because I had no tripod with me.

Technical data: f/5.6, 1/60th sec, ISO 100.