Day 024 – 01242011

Today we enjoyed another beautiful early frosty morning at the Santa Rosa Creek reservoir in the Spring Lake Park. As we arrived there before the sunrise, we spied the swirls of mist rising from the water to create the scene shown above.

I am aware that one of the primordial rules of photography is to never place the horizon line right in the middle of a photo because it splits the image into two halves. Well, in this particular case I wanted to break that rule to show the reflection of the trees in the water.

Color saturation, cropping and sharpening all happened inside Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Technical data: aperture f/4.0, exposure 1/125th sec, ISO 100.


Day 019 – 01192011

The last in the trilogy of HDR images I have created of the Yosemite National Park photos from my collection.

This photo is of the most famous landmark and symbol of the park, the granite monolith known as the Half Dome.

Technical data: aperture f/8.0, exposure 1/60th sec, ISO 100.

Day 017 – 01172011

For those of us who live in America, happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration today!

Today I decided once again to fiddle with HDR because I have come up with mixed results during my latest experiments in this field.

I used here a photo I took of Yosemite Falls with the Merced River in the foreground. I underexposed the original photo to preserve the detail in the water and the clouds, however this action darkened both the bridge and the river areas.

Using Adobe Camera Raw, I created five separate files, each one with an exposure increase of 1/2-stop, and saved them as TIFF files. I also created one underexposed file in similar fashion. Afterwards I combined all the resulting TIFF files in Photomatix Pro and played with the Tone Mapping controls.

Technical data of the original photo: aperture f/8.0, exposure 1/80th sec, ISO 100.